Maginon Night Vision Device $149

Maginon Night Vision Device at ALDI Australia

The Maginon Night Vision Device is back on sale at ALDI Australia this week for $149. It is the lowest and best price we could find based on the functionality of the night vision monoculars. This device is rain proof and has an observing range of 400m during day time and up to 60m at night time. It uses infrared technology that comes with 3 zoom modes and is powered by 8 x AA batteries, which is included with the package.

More Information:

Perfect for hunting or take on camping trips where you can see at night with little effort.

  • 20mm lens diamater
  • 3x zoom control
  • Advanced infrared technology
  • For observation and video recordings under night conditions
  • Special highly efficient, but energy saving IR-illumination
  • Up to 6 hours night observation
  • Electronic viewfinder (EVF mode)
  • Brightness controller
  • Comes with tripod socket
  • Rainwater protected
  • 3 year warranty

Here’s a quick unboxing video and reviews on this product:

This ALDI night vision device is not available for purchase online. You can only buy this Maginon product from your local ALDI supermarket starting from the sale date. Stocks are limited.