Dairy Fine Easter Bunny Chocolate 110g ($1.69) & 150g ($3.49)

Save 50% or more Check It Out
Save 50% or more Check It Out
Dairy Fine Easter Bunny Milk Chocolate 110g and 150g at Aldi Australia

Save on Easter Bunny Milk Chocolate from Aldi with 110g selling for $1.69 and 150g for $3.49. That’s a saving of 50% or more when compared with other supermarkets like Coles and Woolies.

Save 50% or more Check It Out

Why we love this deal?

First off, nobody can beat this price. We’ve done a research on the cheapest Easter Bunny chocolate in Australia to find out their price per 100g. Here are the results.

Coles – $3.70 per 100g (Cadbury Crunchie 270g)
Woolworths – $2.80 per 100g (Cadbury 260g)
Big W – $2.75 per 100g (Darrell Lea 160g)

Smaller size actually costs more per 100g.
For example:

Coles – $3.75 per 100g (Cadbury Milk 80g – 1/2 price special too!)
Woolworths – $3.33 per 100g (Cadbury Milk 150g – That’s already $2 off)

The next cheapest bunny choc we found was at Kmart – $1.67 / 100g (Friedel Milk Chocolate 60g), but their Cadbury range still works out to be around $4 per 100g. Other brands like Lindt and Kinder Surprise cost even more.

Now, when you compare these with Aldi’s Dairyfine bunnies.

Milk Chocolate 110g – $1.57 per 100g
Special Flavours 150g – $2.33 per 100g

The math is clear. You’re potentially saving 50% or more.

Finally, the reviews on these Aldi Easter Bunny Chocolate are pretty solid as well. Some people even claimed that they taste better than Cadbury.

More information

These Dairy Fine chocolate is suitable for vegetarian and they contain no artificial colours or flavours, and has no added preservatives.

The 110g ($1.69) is plain milk chocolate.

The 150g ($3.49) has 2 flavours to choose from:
White Chocolate Caramel Crunch or Milk Chocolate Popping Candy

* On sale from Wed 13/03/2024 and until sold out.