About Us

Price is important but it should NEVER be the only factor when considering a good deal.

That’s where we come in…

Welcome to DealsWorthy.com.au

Our mission is simple, to save you time and money!

We are a team of frugal experts who spend hours looking for “TRUE” deals for Australians.

Just because a sign says BIG SALE or 70% OFF, it doesn’t always mean you’re getting the lowest prices. It’s not unusual for retailers to jack up their prices only to offer discount as a promotion. You will never know if you’re scoring a real bargain until you do proper research and price comparison.

However, this process can be tedious and time consuming.

Why not leave it to the experts…like us?

How do we find good deals?

Our team scours the internet, online stores, and the latest catalogues to find the best deals on offer. We then compare prices to make sure that they are the lowest in Australia

But cheap doesn’t always mean the best!

There are many cheap products and services on the market, but it doesn’t mean they are good value.

That’s why our team will read reviews to make sure that a product we post is good quality or is from a trusted brand. This is a very important step we take to screen out low value offers.

We then handpick only the best deals and post what we truly consider “Dealsworthy”!

Trust us when we say this – not many deals make it onto our site each week!

Why should I use your website?

You don’t.

Unless you’re someone who kicks yourself in the gut when you found out that your next door neighbour bought the same TV as you for $400 less. This is money you could have spent on other things, like having a really nice dinner with your loved ones.

Just think of us as that frugal friend who always seem to score great deals and bargains but never shares.

The only difference is…we do.

Every deal that we share on our website is money that you could potentially save!

What’s the catch?

Like every business, we have overheads to pay.

When you make a purchase through a link on our website, we may earn a small commission. This will NOT affect the price you pay. Instead, it’s the seller who will be paying us for referring you to them.

However, you will find that most of our links does NOT earn us a commission. At the end of the day, we care more about presenting you with great deals, regardless if they have an affiliate program or not.

We also make money by placing advertisements on our website, but we limit this to ensure that our readers have the best browsing experience.

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