Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dealsworthy?

Ever heard of the term “Newsworthy”? It means news that’s worthy of your time and attention, right? Well, in our world the best news is the best deals and it is our job is to bring Australians only deals that are “Dealsworthy”. Get it?

Do you sell any products?

No, we don’t actually sell anything listed on our website. Instead, we serve as a resource guide to help Australians shop smarter with online purchases or at a brick-and-mortar store by comparing prices, checking reviews, alerting you to awesome deals, and giving you a shortcut to expert-tested coupon codes. Yes, we’ll do the hard work so you can save more money!

Do I need an account to access your website and service?

Who wants to remember another password? You don’t need a membership to use our website and access our deals. However, we do recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on any incredible offers. The truth is, we don’t know what we’ll find ourselves so it’ll be a good way for us to tell you about it.

How do you find so many awesome deals?

Our team scours the internet daily and understands the tricks businesses use to make something appear cheaper than it is. That’s why we use different ways to research, compare, sort and then filter only the best of the best deals in Australia. This is simply not something an automatic program can accomplish and that’s why there’s a real-life human behind every deal we post.

Do you have any control over the price of an item?

No, retailers change prices often and without notice. Our job is to alert you about a genuine price drop quickly so that you can grab a bargain before the price is raised again. We monitor 100s of stores in Australia and our daily newsletter is the best way for us to keep you in the loop.

Do retailers tell you if an offer is sold out?

Unfortunately, no. While it is important for us to keep our deals up to date. The reality is, we simply won’t know if something is sold out until it actually does. In this case, we’ll immediately expire the deal.

I tried using a coupon code on your site and it did not work.

Retailers often do not clarify how long a promo or discount code will last. So it may have expired before we were able to remove it. We test coupon codes often and do our best to update them as quickly as possible when they expire.

Are you able to help me with an order placed?

Since you don’t place any orders with us, your best source for help is to contact the retailer directly. We will not have any information regarding your order so cannot assist. However, we’d still like to know about it so that we can make sure we’re sending you to a trusted store with the product and service you’d expect.

How does Dealsworthy make money?

When you buy something through one of our deals or use one of our coupons, we may receive a small commission on the sale. It doesn’t affect the price you pay and it certainly doesn’t affect our editorial guidelines. In fact, we don’t get pay for lots of deals on here. While some retailers may pay us the commission fee as a thank you for sending a buyer their way, but that’s only because they have an awesome deal in the first place.