Crofton Non-Stick Pancake Pan 26cm $9.99

5 designs to choose from See Deal
5 designs to choose from See Deal

ALDI is currently running a sale on the Crofton 26cm Non-Stick Pancake Pan for just $9.99! This is the best price we’ve seen by at least $7 after comparing similar products from other online shops and Australian retailers. It features quality cast aluminium body with non-stick coating. There are 5 styles to choose and each will make different shapes of pancakes (See below for pictures).

5 designs to choose from See Deal

More Information:

Who wants pancake? MEEEEE!!! Sound familiar?

This is perhaps one of those foods you MUST LEARN to cook as a parent. You want to make that perfect pancake for your kids (or yourself). The smile on their faces when they see that beautiful, flat and hot pancake with added butter covered with sweet honey or syrup, and the happiness you feel inside your heart when you see them take that very first bite….PRICELESS!

But you know this won’t be possible without a good quality pancake pan, right?

For $10, you can now get yourself the perfect cookware to keep your children’s tummy very happy for a long time. Or just take this chance to satisfy the inner child within you.


  • Designed to make pancakes or crepes
  • Whitford Xylan Plus non-stick coating
  • High quality cast aluminium body
  • Bakelite heat-resistant handle
  • Size in diameter: 26cm

What makes this deal even better is that it comes in 5 unique designs so that you can make 5 different pancake styles and shapes. Here are the assorted designs you can choose from.

Pancake Pan Designs

  1. Large Flat Design – Perfect for normal large flat pancakes and can be used as a crepe pan.
  2. Filled Pancake Design – You can put your own fillings or stuffing in according to taste.
  3. Waffle Style – Make mini waffle pancakes with ease.
  4. Smiley Face – Makes eating pancake even more fun!
  5. Small Flat Design – Make mini pancakes on the go.

We haven’t found many online reviews regarding this ALDI pancake pan. However, given the reputation of Aldi in offering good products at cheap prices, we have good faith that this cookware is another bargain that’s value for money.