Coolabah 36 Pack Cube Fire Lighters $1.79

Coolabah 36 Pack Fire Lighter at ALDI Australia

These Coolabah 36 Pack Fire Lighters are selling at ALDI this week for $1.79. It is the cheapest we could find anywhere in Australia and works out to be less than 5c per firelighter. They are easy to light up and one cube will burn for approx. 8 minutes. Suitable for outdoor use such as charcoal BBQ and firepits.

More Information:

Quick and safe way to start a camp fire or BBQ at cheap prices.

  • Fast to ignite
  • No flashback
  • Kerosene based
  • About 8 mins burning time per cube
  • Suitable for fire pit and barbeques
  • Outdoor use only

This ALDI fire lighter pack is not available to purchase online. You can only buy these from your local ALDI store starting from the sale date. Stocks are limited.