Babybjorn Front Baby Carrier @ ALDI – $89.99!


When your baby wants nothing and no one else…but you, there’s just no better ways to get your hands free than using a baby carrier. So if you’re looking for one lately at an affordable price, then you simply must check out the original Babybjorn baby carrier at ALDI that’s selling for $89.99!

This is the lowest price we could find by $10 to $30, after checking other Australian retailers and online shopping sites. That’s because Aldi Australia is having a baby products sale this week!

The special buys sale will start on Wednesday, 17th of January 2018!


  • Lightweight
  • Small and easy to use
  • Adjustable buckles & harness
  • Adjustable support for baby’s head and neck
  • Made with sturdy and child friendly material
  • Carry on front, baby can face in or out
  • Allows baby’s arms and legs to move freely
  • From birth 3.5 kg to 11 kg

The fact that it’s made by a reliable brand, BABYBJORN, makes this a truly good deal. In case you don’t know this, Baby Bjorn works closely with medical specialists, orthopaedists and neonatal physicians to create their baby carriers. So they are all about safety and comfort for both the parents and the little one.

We’ve also checked some of this Aldi baby carrier reviews to ensure that this is truly a product that’s “Dealsworthy”!

We found that the majority of user were very happy with this baby chest carrier purchase. Many suggested that it was easy to use, great for shopping, cooking and other house chores. While there were a few who mentioned that they couldn’t wear it for long and wished it had a little more back support.

Of course, everyone’s experience will be different when using this infant baby carrier….because everyone’s body shape, weight and comfort levels are different.

* Since this is being sold at ALDI, just remember that these types of bargains usually don’t last very long so make sure you head down there early if you want to get your hands on this quality front baby carrier at a cheap price!

You can see this special promotion along with other discount items on page 4 from the latest Aldi catalogue.