Assorted Crofton Bamboo Utensils $1.99

Environment Responsible Check It Out
Environment Responsible Check It Out
Crofton assorted bamboo utensils at Aldi

Starting this week, the Aldi bamboo utensils are back for sale at $2 each. These Crofton utensils are made from 100% FSC certified bamboo with a high-quality finish. These are not the cheap wooden ones you see elsewhere. Choose from spatula, mixing spoon, salad spoon, frying pan turner and more. Suitable for handwash only.

Environment Responsible Check It Out

More Information:

Sick and tired of using steel utensils that keeps scratching your pan? Do you prefer a more elegant and gentle approach to cooking? Then these bamboo utensils may be your answer.

  • 100% quality bamboo
  • FSC certification
  • Responsible to environment
  • Handwash only