3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease 300g $6.99

Save at least $3 Check It Out
Save at least $3 Check It Out
3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease at ALDI

This 3-IN-ONE 300g lithium grease is for sale at Aldi this week for $6.99. That is the cheapest price we could find anywhere. Supercheap is currently selling these for about $10 (club member price). It works similar to a WD-40 and is a multipurpose lubricant designed to protect and lubricate surfaces from corrosion and wear.

Save at least $3 Check It Out

More Information:

This Aldi 3-IN-ONE white lithium spray grease is a liquid spray designed to dry solid offering continued protection and lubrication, ideal for circumstances where applying standard grease is not possible.

  • Formulated with high purity, high quality grease for increased performance and protection
  • Resistant to water – provides long lasting lubrication, corrosion protection & film strength
  • Quick dry formula leaves a thick and long lasting coating
  • Heat resistant – suitable for high temperature applications
Reviews Summary:

Most users found this to be a good lubricant and is great for any rust prevention. One drawback is that it doesn’t come with a straw for those hard to reach places. However, some users are able to use the straw from WD-40 on this can without any issues.