White Seedless Grapes @ Woolworths – $3.90/kg


Woolworths White Seedless Grapes

For the mums and dads who’s always worried about their kids not getting enough vitamin C, K and antioxidants, this week may be the best time to put some into their lunchboxes.

That’s because Woolworths has dropped the price on the White Seedless Grapes to only $3.90 per kg!

This is the lowest price we’ve seen this week after comparing with other online grocery stores and major supermarkets across Australia. (Not sure about next week though…)

Product Details:
  • Medium sized
  • Oval shaped grapes
  • Light green skin and pale green flesh
  • Seedless

As we all know Woolworths is all about providing fresh produce so these white grapes are sure to be sweet, juicy and tasty! Have them as snacks, put them into salads or as desserts after dinner.

The fact that these grapes are seedless just makes them “that” much more enjoyable to eat. Most importantly, your children are going to love them and they’ll be getting the fibres they need to keep them healthy.

You can buy this in store or online via the Woolworths website.

Promotion ends on the 6th of March 2018.