Pantene 900ml Shampoo or Conditioner @ ALDI – $7.85


Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner 900ml from ALDI Australia

Attention to all the Pantene fans out there!

Even if you’re not a fan, but would love to have beautiful, silky, soft and shiny hair without spending hundreds at the Salons for hair treatment, then this may be one of the best deals you’ll ever seen.

For this week’s ALDI special buys, they are offering the Pantene 900ml Shampoo or Conditioner for only $7.85!

At first glance, we thought this was just a saving of $2.14 (but hey, every dollar counts!) after comparing with other Australian retailers and online stores.

After further investigation, we noticed that these specials are for the range “Nature Fusion” and “Smooth & Sleek”. For the 900ml bottles, they are selling them at other shops at around the $15 price tag (at least for this coming week).

So that’s a total saving of at least $7.15!

Sale starts on Wednesday, 7th of March 2018.

You can see this special promotion on page 2 of the latest catalogue.

* Stocks are limited.