Huxley Acoustic Guitar @ ALDI Australia – $59.99


Are you looking for an entry level guitar that wouldn’t break the bank? Perhaps you’re just looking for an acoustic version for your beginner child to get into the rhythm. Whatever the case might be, ALDI Australia has your musical senses covered in this week’s exclusive Special Buys sale.

That’s right! From this Wednesday, 7th of February 2018, Aldi is offering the Huxley Acoustic Guitar for just $59.99! This is already $10 off from last year’s price.

Play your favourite notes and tunes from the quality strings that comes with the guitar by plucking your fingers with a pick. The acoustic sound wave will be vibrated throughout the soundboard and sound box creating the song that “you” want to play with ease. Talk about music to your ears!

  • Nato wood neck for strong built and stable sounds
  • Spruce top for nice tones
  • Linen backs and sides with comfort in mind
  • Techwood™ bridge and fingerboard
  • Pickguard or scratchplate to protect against the guitar pick
  • Trussrod
  • 3 sizes: Full size 39″ Nylon String, 40″ Steel String, 3/4 size 36″ Steel String or Nylon String
  • Includes spares parts: 1st string, 2nd string, Allen key
  • Comes with Rockhouse E-media beginners online guitar lessons
  • 2 shapes: Classic & Cut Away
  • 3 colurs: All Black Gloss, Sunburst & Black, Natural Matte
  • 6 unique designs in total

You can buy assorted guitar accessories such as the guitar case for $9.99.

Just be mindful that this is NOT a semi-acoustic guitar so it doesn’t require any electricity, batteries or cable wires to function. Here are the 6 designs to choose from:

Aldi guitar designs

According to reviews from reliable online sources, most users have been pleasantly surprised about the respectable sound this acoustic guitar produces. Although some suggested that the finishing touch could have used a little more care, but given the cheap price tag, this issue can be easily forgiven.

Now as you probably know, these types of bargains usually don’t last long so if you don’t want to miss out on this Aldi guitar by Huxley, then make sure you head down to your local store early.

You can see this special promotion on page 6 of the latest week 6 catalogue.

* Stocks are limited.