Coolabah Outdoor Portable Gas BBQ @ ALDI – $89.99


Aldi portable gas BBQ - Grill and Hot Plate

Have you been wondering where to buy a portable gas BBQ for camping? Well…look no further because ALDI Australia has answered your call on this week’s special buys sale.

When you’re on a road or camping trip and need to put the shrimp on the barbie, you’ll want to bring a BBQ stove that comes with a hot plate and a grill. Preferably, something small, lightweight and foldable, just like the Coolabah Portable Gas BBQ for sale at Aldi for only $89.99!

This is easily the cheapest price we could find by $40-$100, after comparing with similar outdoor BBQs online and from other Australian retail stores.

Product Features:
  • Compact size
  • Folding shelves and legs for easy storage
  • Half grill and half hotplate cooking surface
  • Includes hose and regulator
  • Comes with lid
  • Includes instruction manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

So whether you want grill marks on the perfect steak or you prefer juicy and tender seafood on the plate, this portable gas grill will not let you down.

After reading some Coolabah reviews online, we found that a number of people were quite happy with their Aldi portable gas BBQ. However, due to it’s small size, so it’s not one you’ll want to use when having a party. In other words, this mini BBQ is perfect for single, couples and small families who are going away on camp or caravan trips.

Some customers have also complained about the paints coming off after a few use, while others have said it has uneven cooking distribution. However, 1 user in particular emphasised the importance of following the cooking instruction from the manual by closing the lid and truly thinks it was value for money.

Sale starts on Saturday, 10th of February 2018.

You can see this discount promotion on page 14 of the week 6 catalogue.

* Stocks are limited.