Beautiful Nursery Fabric Rocking Chair @ ALDI – $199

$199.00 See Deal
$199.00 See Deal

The rocking chair is back at ALDI people!

And they’re selling it at the same old bargain price of $199.00.

Sale starts on Wednesday 17th of January 2018, but due to the popularity of this product last time…so we are expecting this to be sold out within a really short time (most likely less than 1 hour). Therefore, make sure you head down to your local ALDI store early so you don’t miss out on this amazing rocker!

This is a beautiful nursery rocking chair that can also be used as a standard leg chair as well, sort of like a 2-in-1 functionality. It comes with both rocking legs and normal legs.

We’re seeing similar chairs like the Bebe Care Regency Chair & Rocker, the Seed Bebe Noah and hobble all being sold at $500 plus! So you’re immediately saving over $300 from this ALDI furniture deal alone!


  • Diamond-Tufted Backing
  • High back rest with arm rests at comfort height
  • Comfortable and supportive for feeding and settling
  • Solid Wooden Rocking Legs
  • Standard Legs Included In The Package
  • Comfortable Fire Retardant Fabric (Does NOT mean it’s completely fire-resistant!)
  • Assembled Size (Rocking) 71 x 108 x 100 (cm)
  • Assembled Size (Chair) 71 x 104 x 107 (cm)
  • Chair Weight: 25 kg
  • Max. Support Weight Load: 150 kg

From the photo, the chair looks very comfortable and should do well helping you relax so that you can focus on feeding and nursing your infant.

After some research, we found that the Aldi Rocking Chair reviews has been pretty good based on the last promotion. Not much complains especially for this price. Some said it didn’t have the smoothest rocking motion, while others mentioned about the front leg sticking out a little, but were able to solve by switching the otherway.

One good tip we can give you is that the box is very big so you may want to drive a big SUV or burrow a ute in order to carry it home.

Box Measurement:  108cm  x 77cm  x 73cm (based on package from last sale)

Otherwise you may need to unpack it at the car park and load it on piece by piece…but we can’t guarantee you’ll fit it since we have no idea what vehicle you’re driving.

You can see this fabric rocking chair on page 2 from the latest week 3 Aldi catalogue.