Ambiano 23L Microwave @ ALDI Australia – $79.99


Aldi Microwave by Ambiano

When you need to heat up food and you want to do it FAST, the best kitchen appliance to use for the job has to be microwave. Just place the food inside, press a few button and within a minute or 2, you’ll have yourself a delicious hot meal once again.

This appliance is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions ever and thanks to the innovative technology, this machine is becoming cheaper and cheaper every year.

Just like the Ambiano 23L Microwave from ALDI for only $79.99!

This is currently one of the cheapest that we could find after comparing with other brand new and same sized microwaves from retailers and online stores in Australia.

  • 5 power levels
  • Auto programs
  • Quick start
  • Weight and speed defrost
  • Multistage cooking
  • Available in Silver, White or Black
  • Comes with instruction manual
  • 3 year warranty

Ambiano 23L Microwave Black Colour

Also available in black colour

Although we haven’t been able to find any reviews on the Ambiano microwave, but given that the brand is heavily backed by ALDI so we expect this brand to be another quality product from the supermarket giant.

Use it to defrost your meat, heat up your soup., leftovers or whatever, this Aldi microwave oven should be more than enough to handle your everyday kitchen needs.

You can see this special promotion on page 11 from the latest catalogue.

* Stocks are limited.